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Embark your journey from ‘Getting Started’ guide. It enables you to quickly configure and run your test cases using Krypton. A sample test case is already provided with installation package. Everything is pre-configured for the sample test cases.
  1. Ensure all pre-requisites
  2. Download Krypton build here
  3. A Demo Test case and its Object Repository has already been provided and would get downloaded with build. Located in Krypton folder under their respective name folders.
  4. Run Krypton.exe
  5. Execution results will be uploaded in Results folder
How to write new test case and configuration
  1. Create new Test case spreadsheet same format as of TC_Sample case under TestCases folder (Krypton->Sample->TestCases)
  2. Write reusable test case in Action_sheet.xls  file if any in same format placed under Reusables folder
  3. Find all objects and create new objects in Obj_Repository.xlsx file in same format placed at Object_Repository folder
  4. Configure parameters.ini file accordingly and run Krypton.exe