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Krypton QA Automation FrameWork

  • No Programming Required
  • Based on Selenium and Spreadsheets
  • Easy to Use
  • Support all Browsers


Mobile testing is currently not available as Opensource right now Please contact ThinkSys

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Krypton is a Selenium based Open Source framework for your QA Automation needs. It helps Manual QA Testers become experts in Automation without any requirement of programming knowledge. Meant for Web and Mobile it supports common features like Cross Browser compatibility testing, Keyword Driven Testing, Rich Automated Reporting and Parallel Recovery to name some. What makes it different from other freeware’s available in market, is its highly customizable property which entertains testing on any kind of project of any domain. It comes with Test Management Tools integration feature by which one can maintain all requirements, test cases and defects in a single place. The product has been designed with a simple scripting approach in mind using spreadsheets without compromising on performance, enabling quick evaluation and integration into your test environment.