A Product by ThinkSys


Being an open source project, Krypton would need valuable inputs from users. User contribution would go a long way in making it a success in automation world. You need not be a Krypton expert or for that matter an automation specialist to be a contributor. A regular blogger, an end user or a proficient IT creature can help in their own significant way. you can directly write us at support@kryptonqa.com

  • Join the User Group and get interactive. It’s a place where there might be queries which you can answer and also, the answers to your own queries. Also, one gets to know the hands behind the product and make useful contacts.
  • Make amendments, update the content, features, diagrams, etc. on the website. Go live or do it offline
  • Report the bugs or comment on already reported bugs and if you feel you can help us
  • Suggest us new features which can be included in future versions. Help us in designing Krypton’s future road maps.